Introducing… the Audio Verse Ratings

People have been requesting a juried-based version of the AVAs since its inception. While our foundation was to provide an alternative to traditional juried awards, we understand the value and appeal such a system presents. Our commitment to diverse judging panels for the primary awards remains unwavering. Nevertheless, we’re aware of inherent challenges like adjudicator bias, opacity, and fluctuating judging criteria in juried awards.

In response, we’re unveiling the Audio Verse Ratings system, inspired by tried-and-true assessment methods found in concert band and choir juries.

How It Works:

Dedicated rubrics for each category have been designed to guarantee transparent and fair evaluations. Scripted or improvised productions are judged on their Sound Design, Music, Directing, Accessibility, and overall Impact, Immersion, and Innovation. At the same time, their Development focuses on writing scripted and world-building for improvised, with Performance and Players judged depending on which the production uses.


  • 5 – Excellent, for those that are exceptional and noteworthy.
  • 4 – Good, denoting high-quality work.
  • 3 – Fair, serving as the standard, achievable rating for most.
  • 2 – Poor, assigned if they don’t meet the typical standards.

Audio Verse Rating: Each production’s final rating is determined by averaging the scores from all judges, which the rubric will break down. 

Participation in the Audio Verse Ratings:

Nominators who have submitted their showcase during nomination will be automatically eligible for the AVRs.

Interested in Judging?

Indicate your interest on the nomination form if you want to wear the judge’s hat. While we’re open to all interested, we have a delicate balance of asking people to judge shows they are not connected to. If we get enough volunteers, every nominee will receive a judged rating.

Embark on this pioneering journey with us! Be integral to the inaugural Audio Verse Ratings, garner valuable feedback, and achieve potential recognition for your exceptional work.

Ready to submit your jury rubric?

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