Ready… Set… Audio Verse.

The Audio Verse Awards celebrate the greatest people and productions in immersive audio fiction around the world

Voting is now open through
Thursday, October 31st at 11:59 PM Pacific Time!

There is nothing better than a good story and a cup of something warm to drink.

Whoa! What is this thing all about?

It’s amazing what we hear while going through our daily lives.

The Audio Verse Awards were created to honor the greatest works of audio fiction.
Online media has morphed to include a variety of content
and new styles that have dazzled listeners the world over.
It is these works we wish to place in the spotlight.

What kind of things are eligible?

Podcasts, streaming content, audio plays, actual plays, etc.
If it’s available in an audio format and presents fiction with
performances and production design, then it’s likely eligible!
Read our FAQ for more details.

Get involved!

We come together to celebrate each other’s achievements.

We need your help to keep going strong. Now in our 7th year, our small crew of volunteers has built the Audio Verse Awards with the support of an amazing community of creators and fans. We truly cannot do it without you.
Here’s how you can get involved…

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