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What are the Audio Verse Awards?

The Audio Verse Awards are an annual celebration, dedicated to the greatest people and productions in immersive audio fiction around the world, whether it’s an audio play, improvised, or spoken word production.

It started as a thread on Audio Drama Talk, ballooned to a Facebook group, then shrunk to a dedicated team who sat down and helped make the Audio Verse Awards a reality in 2013. Ever since then, the Audio Verse Awards have worked tirelessly to bring together the Audio Fiction Community every year.

Since 2013, we have opened every September to ask the Audio Fiction community for nominations, and to vote on who should be recognized.


The Audio Drama Awards is staffed by a board currently consisting of the following members and headed by a chairperson. They act as facilitators and take a scientific approach to our data. If a member of the team chooses to vote in the awards, it has the same weight as any other vote.

2019 Audio Verse Awards Team

Landon Beall – Webmaster

Landon sees value in a great story. And for him, the Audio Verse Awards are where great audio stories get the spotlight they deserve. When he’s not making sure the website is working, Landon can be found working his day job, working on the farm, working at the Farmer’s Market, working on projects for his production outlet, Story Bake, or talking about just how awesome Myst is (it’s SERIOUSLY awesome, y’all).

Colin J. Kelly – Chair

Colin’s first love is Audio Fiction, and loves talking about it, and what makes audio great. He doesn’t tweet much, but you can find him on twitter if you want to talk about how awesome someone else’s thing is. Otherwise, he’ll likely be crafting eldritch excel formulas and writing the latest crazy idea that has popped into his head. Colin is the current Chair of the Audio Verse Awards Team.

Alexandra Pal – Data Scientist

Alexandra Pal can usually be found bringing cheer to anything she does, be it programming, drawing or just enjoying a good story. Find her on Twitter posting about audio drama and whatever makes her happy.

Erin Sellars – Nominee Showcase

Erin started listening to audio dramas as a way to prevent herself from bursting out into song at work but it turned into a whole new obsession. Erin truly loves audio fiction and can’t think of a better way to express that than by helping the amazing AVA team recognize the incredible work of the community. She’s currently working on a PhD but if you want to talk science or podcasts, she can be found on Twitter anytime!

Dan Whitelaw – Graphic Design

The most patient and professional graphic designer we could find, Dan is constantly improving and creating better graphics for the website, or other media things. When he’s not being hounded to resize an image, Dan runs Madgeek productions, and it’s flagship show, BlueSky.

Former Team Mates

Alex Gilmour

Alex was involved with the Audio Verse Awards decision making since its inception, serving through the 2013 and 2014 award seasons. Between juggling real life and answering emails with thoughtful optimism, he serves as head of production at Gypsy Audio.


When the ‘Verse turns up the hype, PodTeen is on the case. When she’s not replying to your comments and emails, you can most likely find her on Twitter talking about podcasts.

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard

Gwendolyn served as AVA Chair during our first year and assisted the team throughout the 2014 award season. When she’s not juggling a new book project, voicing a new character, or brainstorming a new idea for Alex to give his two pence on, she serves as Executive Producer at Gypsy Audio.

Jordan J. Scavone

When the Audio Verse Awards needs an injection of optimism, Jordan’s your man. When anyone on the team needs a second opinion, Jordan’s your man. And when he’s not mixing Nominee Showcases or making sure our website is color blind friendly, he’s busy keeping WGA Productions marvelous.

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