This is the Semi Final Voting Ballot for the 2023 Audio Verse Awards.

Thank you for taking the time to vote for who you feel is the best in Audio Fiction. As art is subjective we use a preferential voting system to determine the results of these awards. These instructions are to prevent fraudulent voting and abuse. To begin, all voters must be 13 years of age or older, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Showcase: We offer a Nominee Showcase so you may listen and familiarize yourself with the nominees. You are not required to listen to the showcase prior to voting, but it does highlight the breadth and depth of this year’s audio drama and will facilitate informed voting.

Ballots: You are only allowed to cast one (1) ballot. Once you’re done voting, you will receive an emailed copy of your ballot as proof of a successful submission and that your vote was cast. However, we reserve the right to disqualify any ballot if we find evidence of any fraudulent activity such as multiple submissions or the use of automation software. We also reserve the right to collect any information indicating the use of automation or other tools used to submit ballots fraudulently.

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By submitting a ballot in this round you agree to be contacted by the awards about the results and the next round of voting opening.

Voting is open through Saturday, November 11th at 11:59 PM Pacific Time

Best of luck to all the nominees!

-The Audio Verse Awards team.

Form Transcript

1. Introduction

Welcome to the first round of voting for the 2023 Audio Verse Awards!

How it works
For this round, we’re voting on individual shows that are either New (debuted 1 Oct 2022 to 30 Sept 2023) or Existing (debuted before 1 Oct 2022). 

Voting starts with New Productions and proceeds to Existing Productions. First, you will select productions you would like to rank later in the ballot. Productions are listed alphabetically when selecting. After selecting the productions, you’ll rank them in order of preference. Desktop users will see a ranking grid where they will rank their selections by tapping the radio buttons. Mobile users will see a list to tap their choices in order. Load times may vary: many choices may take a few seconds.

Save and Continue
In the upper right-hand corner, you can enter your email and receive a unique link allowing you to return to the survey later.

We use the Borda Count method for tabulating votes:

If you would like to see the list of nominees and cover art, check out:

The nominee showcase is here:

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2. Personal Information

Tell us about you!

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In the Audio Fiction community, are you: 

  • Active, helping create audio fiction in one of the many disciplines
  • Passive, enjoying the wonders of audio fiction… for now.

Did you find a new podcast you now enjoy thanks to the awards? 

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3. New Production Selection

Please select the New nominees for which you’re interested in ranking.

If you would like to see the list of nominees and cover art, check out:

4. New Production Ranking

Now, please rank those New Production nominees in your order of preference. 

5. Existing Production Selection

Please select the Existing Production nominees for which you’re interested in ranking.

6. Existing Production Ranking

Now, please rank those Existing nominees in your order of preference. 

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While you’re here, we’ve got some completely optional questions we’d like to ask:

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What are your Favorite Genres of Fiction Podcasts?

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  • Comedy – I lost my shoe?
  • Crime/Mystery – Where is my shoe?
  • Drama – Did somebody take my shoe?
  • Fantasy – What if my shoe grew wings?
  • Horror – Could my shoe kill me?
  • Science – What if my shoe could walk back to me?
  • Speculative – What if I had a different pair of shoes?