At The Audio Verse Awards, we value our voters privacy with a great deal of care. The following privacy policy details the ways we collect, use, and protect the information you share with us.

Voter Age Requirements

In compliance with United States federal privacy laws and California state privacy laws, including COPPA and OPPA, all voters must be at least 13 years or older to sign-in or vote in The Audio Verse Awards.

All voters under the age of 13 who do not comply with the terms of this privacy policy will have their votes discounted and their sign-in removed from our database.

The Information We Collect

The information we collect helps us prevent fraudulent voting and helps us flag cheaters who attempt to submit fraudulent ballots.

When you log in to The Audio Verse Awards website via one of our sign-in providers (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Tumblr, Microsoft, or Disqus), our website collects the name on your account, your account email address, and your IP address. We do not collect any additional information from your sign-in.

When you submit a voting ballot, we collect the name and email address you provide us with, as well as your IP address, which we cross reference with your sign-in information to confirm you’re a real person and not a robot.

How We Use Your Information

We utilize voter information exclusively to prevent voter fraud. The Audio Verse Awards will never sell, transfer, or otherwise share your information with any entity unaffiliated with the awards.

How We Protect Your Information

The information you share with us (including your name, email address, and IP address) is password protected by our website CMS, GoDaddy mod security, and Janrain sign-in services. We do not store any voter passwords that could be stolen or otherwise be collected by a third party. All voter passwords are secured exclusively by your sign-in provider (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Tumblr, Microsoft, or Disqus).

Voter ballot information is hosted and secured by Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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