List of Nominees

Hello, Audio Verse! This is the List of nominees for the 2019 Audio Verse Awards. This list automatically updates every 15 minutes, if we receive three nominations with the exact same spelling and punctuation.

All nominees were nominated by three or more people. Please inform us if there are any inaccurate nominations.

If you misspelled your nomination, we will be sitting down to check for that every Sunday.

The Nomination Period closes Sunday, September 30th at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. You can nominate something here!

The Audio Verse Awards are fully independent and autonomous. We do not run ads, nor do we charge the nominators, nominees, or voters in order to participate. In order to pay for hosting, the technical systems to ensure fair and preferential voting, not to mention compensating the people who are constantly working to make these awards are as great as they can be, we need your help.

Please support the Audio Verse Awards on Indiegogo.

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