This is the list of the finalists for the 2021 Audio Verse Awards, decided by the 107,008 Valid Rankings we received across various categories, giving our 1,725 nominees a total score of 1,864,898 based on those rankings. The ten nominated shows with the highest score in each of our categories have become our finalists, ordered alphabetically. We continue to be uninterested in publishing a full ranking of our nominees, however, here is the score distributions for the top 15 nominees in each category.

The Rank in the Category is not tied to the name of a production. If a production is in multiple categories, it is not a particular color on this chart.

What is always fascinating, and why we’re having two rounds of voting, is those rankings will shift between the first and second rounds.

Audio Verse Awards 2021 Finalist Badge

Hall of Fame Inductees

The eligibility for the AVAs Hall of Fame is the same as our awards eligibility with one major exception. The final episode of the production must have been released before September 30th, 2011
The following are the eligible audio fiction productions that meet this criteria, submitted through our hall of fame nomination form. Productions which are not inducted each year will roll over to the next year, along with any new potential inductees.

Final Release: 1952-12-05
Final Release: 1956-05-17
Final Release: 1969-07-10
Final Release: 1973-05-19
Final Release: 1981-05-25
Final Release: 1981-08-30
Final Release: 1983-04-25
Final Release: 1996-12-01
Final Release: 2001-12-08
Final Release: 2005-10-01
Final Release: 2006-12-21
Final Release: 2007-05-03
Final Release: 2007-08-27
Final Release: 2007-09-10
Final Release: 2007-12-16
Final Release: 2008-02-10
Final Release: 2008-02-28
Final Release: 2008-08-10
Final Release: 2008-10-28
Final Release: 2009-03-28
Final Release: 2009-05-06
Final Release: 2009-05-20
Final Release: 2009-06-15
Final Release: 2010-01-11
Final Release: 2010-04-06
Final Release: 2010-06-24
Final Release: 2010-08-13
Final Release: 2011-08-14
Final Release: 2011-08-18


Performance in an Ensemble Cast new Production

Alfie Ono performed by Kevin Matsumoto
Althea Franciscan performed by Amber Snead
Bradley Jones performed by Chris Lowe
Inez Marcos performed by Pamela Portnoy
Priscilla W. Huang performed by Amanda Kuo
Sydney Barstow performed by Claire Buchignani
The Narrator performed by Christopher T. Wood
Van Dulism performed by Matt Mancuso

Ezer performed by Alex Lameroux
Lucas Burns performed by Aubrey Poppleton
Ellie Francis performed by Austin Hendricks
Cyrus Graves performed by Bryan Green
Dylan performed by Chris Magilton
Lauren performed by Emma Laslett
The Mysterious Woman performed by Ivuoma Hall
Azul Nova performed by Jenna Donovan
Bruce Mccray performed by Joe Kearney
Dean Ventrassi performed by Karim Kronfli
Katya Harper performed by Kira Apple
Brynn Tessek performed by Leslie Gideon
Pem performed by Sena Bryer
Mel performed by Tal Minear
Devon Lancook performed by Tuesday Orion Ibert
Dr. Leonard Sumner performed by Zachary Robb

Geraint performed by Edward Llewelyn
Jack performed by James Morgan
James Rich performed by Jonathan Evans
Jimmy Rich performed by Jonathan Evans
Kara performed by Bethan Rees
Maciej performed by Wojciech Matras
Mr Hampson performed by Richard Wilde
Mr Khan performed by Tien Pham
Mrs Hampson performed by Corinne Strickett
Veronika performed by Bogi Bondor
Will performed by Magnus Carlssen

Ava performed by Finlay Stevenson
Caspar performed by Joe Fisher
Effie Mucklewain performed by Julie Cowden-Starbird
Gloria performed by Siouxsie Suarez
Leif performed by Tom Moorman
Zebulon Mucklewain performed by Neal Starbird

Narration in English performed by Hailey Choi
Narration in Spanish performed by Daniela Ojeda

Detective Crunch performed by Eve Gershon
Dr. Blue performed by Nathan Zingg
Dr. Cartwright performed by Jake Needham
Dr. Homely performed by Kira Goldberg
Dr. Terrier performed by Spencer Frankeberger
Dr. Why performed by Justin Stirewalt
Janitor Fisher performed by Courtney Archerd
Nurse Jennie performed by Nicole Tchounga

Aden Spinner Davit performed by Giancarlo Herrera
Captain Clarion Loire performed by Jesse Inocalla
D.O.C. performed by Bob Raymonda
Dr. Collin Gharial performed by Josh Rubino
Dr. Destan Seychelles performed by Eamonn Leighton
Dr. Marella Morgan performed by Jordan Cobb
Kiran Flint performed by Kevin K. Gomez
Lieutenant Commander Talise Asherah performed by Regina Renee Russell
Matira Matti Coburn performed by Lindsay Zana
Sirena Halcyon performed by Nadine El Amami

Aksol performed by Malcolm Jay
Basil performed by Cass Mcphee
Centhy performed by Ally Amador
Colden performed by Toby Harvey
Dalyn performed by Cole Burkhardt
Dots performed by Liz Morey
Fel performed by Sam B. Nguyen
Glenn performed by D.J. Sylvis
Hosse performed by Brandon Nguyen
Jyrsa performed by Elissa Park
Kio performed by Tal Minear
Koua performed by Shade Oyemakinwa
Leona performed by Ishani Kanetkar
Lumen performed by Algie Todd
Macalus performed by Sean Siegler
Mint performed by Juniper White
Raybar performed by Emma Laslett
Rhea performed by Lindsay Zana
River performed by Thom Guttridge
Sal performed by Marnie Warner
The Lizard Beasts performed by Ryan Smith
The Narrator performed by Margaret Ashley
Thyme performed by Rook Mogavero
Vair performed by Sawyer Greene
Velette performed by Cam Clark

Clementine Keys performed by Elizabeth R. C. Lundberg
Milo Cylix-Wilder performed by Tyler Anderson
Nicholas Best performed by Ethan Thomason
Val Torres performed by Rae Lundberg

Adirana performed by Nigel Gore
Charles performed by Nigel Gore
Joan La Pucelle performed by Tina Packer
Luciana performed by Tina Packer
Reigneir performed by Nigel Gore
Warwick performed by Nigel Gore
York performed by Nigel Gore

Performance in an Ensemble Cast Production

Daphne The Ghost performed by Fiona Thraille
Dorothy The Witch performed by Sarah Golding
Gareth The Zombie performed by Graz Richards
Max The Werewolf performed by Karim Kronfli
Mom performed by Layla Katib
Narrator performed by Jack Bowman
Wolfie performed by Sarah Golding

Antonia Flores performed by Megan Morales
Joseph Elo performed by Kris Kaiyala
Kim Elo performed by Genie Leslie
Maria Flores performed by Ana Noval
Mel performed by Jessi Brown
Salvador Flores performed by Jhonattan Fuentes

Castor performed by Caleb Del Rio
Knowles performed by Jv Hampton Van Sant
Rosie performed by Lucille Valentine
Tode performed by Anthony Morales
Zara performed by Quin Leigh

Albina performed by Frankie Larson
Blandus performed by Travis Vengroff
C.C. performed by Cole Burkhardt
Hilaria performed by Christy Luse
Max performed by Jordan Cobb

Captain played by Brad Frizzell
Chip played by Mike Zakarian
Crew member played by Mike Zakarian
Cyrus played by Brad Frizzell
Edgar played by Mike Zakarian
Georgia played by Kate Emswiler
Hillary played by Rose Sherman
Hype Man played by Brad Frizzell
Kayla played by Sarah Short
Kid played by Brad Frizzell
Kid played by Mike Zakarian
Kid played by Sarah Short
Marcus played by Mike Zakarian
Marta played by Sarah Short
Narrator played by Rose Sherman
Narrator played by Sarah Short
Peter Perfume played by Brad Frizzell
Rapper played by Sarah Short
Reporter played by Mike Zakarian
Reporter played by Rose Sherman
Reporter played by Sarah Short
Rhonda played by Kate Emswiler
Sarah played by Sarah Short
Scott played by Brad Frizzell
Second caller played by Mike Zakarian
Sexy baby voice played by Sarah Short
Sheryl played by Sarah Short
Skip played by Brad Frizzell
Third caller played by Rose Sherman
Thomas played by Brad Frizzell
Yvette played by Brad Frizzell

2nd Narrator performed by Graham Rowat
4233 performed by Brandon Nguyen
Andrea Lynch performed by Addison Peacock
ATL-9 Diego performed by Nichole Goodnight
ATL-9 Junipero performed by Rissa M.
Blackwood performed by Graham Rowat
Bobble the Clown performed by Nichole Goodnight
Control performed by Danielle Hewitt
D-15 Norse performed by Brandon Nyugen
D-457142 performed by Brandon Nguyen
D12 Charlie performed by Rissa M.
Dr. Brooks performed by Addison Peacock
Dr. Roberta Vaughn performed by Addison Peacock
Dr. Thaum performed by Graham Rowat
Dr. Wallace performed by Russ More
Drone Log performed by Danielle Hewitt
Echo performed by Danielle Hewitt
Elizabeth performed by Addison Peacock
Entity Charlie performed by Graham Rowat
Fredrick performed by Russ More
Guard A performed by Brandon Nyugen
Host & Narrator performed by Jon Grilz
Jacob performed by Brandon Nguyen
Kiran performed by Nichole Goodnight
Maria performed by Nichole Goodnight
McCarty performed by Brandon Nyugen
Mrs. Marquez performed by Rissa M.
November performed by Brandon Nguyen
Overseer performed by Graham Rowat
Paul performed by Brandon Nguyen
Rossi performed by Rissa M.
SCP-2006 performed by Graham Rowat
Sgt. Hill performed by Rissa M.
T-5 Nanku performed by Addison Peacock
T-5 Onru performed by Nichole Goodnight
Tony performed by Russ More
Vasily performed by Addison Peacock
Waltham performed by Danielle Hewitt
Weary Woman performed by Nichole Goodnight
Yelena performed by Nichole Goodnight

Annabelle performed by Delaney Gilmour
Ava performed by Clarice Lafayette
Capt. Beckett performed by Chris Steinberger
Cash performed by Gervais Weekes
Cauldwell performed by Alex Eller
Cobb performed by Joe Shelton
Dr. Wood performed by Chelsea Krause
Foster performed by Chromatic
Marie performed by Ella Moran
Shaw performed by Alex Eller
Stokes performed by Chris Rossing
Tyler performed by Jezatte Renaari
Whitlock performed by Joe Shelton

Dr. Josefa Guerrero performed by Carla García
Dr. Zhou Liu performed by Sophie Yang
Dragana Vuković performed by Tanja Milojevic
Eva Olivia Moreno performed by Diane Casanova
Graham Casner performed by Peter Joseph Lewis
Maheer Issa performed by Haytham Alwan
Mor performed by Karin Heimdahl
Raimy Armstead performed by L. Jeffrey Moore
Simon Hall performed by Eric Nelsen
The Documentarian performed by Hem Cleveland

Beck performed by Chloe Zwaicher
Dal performed by Meredith Gulley
Djoser performed by Ramy Abdelghani
Imhotep performed by Marc Campasano
Ishmael performed by Noel Naczi
Jackie performed by Julie Snyder
The Chief performed by John Serpico

Bri performed by Lorcan Annie Sherry
Claire performed by Maddy Searle
Drama School Director performed by Sarah Golding
Emma performed by Robin Howell
Jess performed by Karin Heimdahl
Johnno performed by Adam Blanford
Katarina performed by Janis Westin
Kirsten performed by Charlotte Norup
Maia performed by Shekendra Morgan
Narrator performed by Emma Laslett
Olivia performed by Kirsty Woolven
Rachel performed by Felicity Boyd
Shirin performed by Anjali Kunapaneni
Tammi performed by Anna Jartin
Tia performed by Sam Yeow

Performance of a Guest Role in a new Production

Aa Chairperson Ralph performed by Danny Deferrari
College Friend performed by Dustin Hahn
College Roommate performed by Uttera Singh

Evan performed by Neimah Djourabchi
Hallie performed by Stephanie Willing
Abraham Kadabraham performed by Tyson Fraleigh
Blue Elf performed by Cheyenne Schaub-Ruiz
Buster Fly performed by Tyson Fraleigh
Corporal Dadson performed by Matias Rittatore
Elf Maiden performed by Cheyenne Schaub-Ruiz
Green Elf performed by Takeshi Fukushima
Karl Von Not-A-Vampir performed by Pavlo Tull
Leipaya Elf performed by Zoë Bujold
March 14 performed by Sarah Krnjevic
Marshall Train performed by Matias Rittatore
Orange Elf performed by Dexter Lavery-Callender
Papaya Elfman performed by Cheyenne Schaub-Ruiz
Station Guard performed by Emma Brayley
Steffi Scope performed by Cheyenne Schaub-Ruiz

Kyle Brown performed by Venture Captain Brackett
Soup Hag performed by Sarah Rhea Werner
Tillie performed by Sarah Rhea Werner

Mystery Caller performed by Rose Eke
Show-Caller Emily performed by Freya Meldrum
Stykler Jnr. performed by Mars J Brown
The Man In The Flat Cap And Shell Suit performed by Gary Major

Garner performed by Karim Kronfli

The Dead performed by Bonnie Bogovich
The Dead performed by Owen Curtis

Brother Wharfing performed by Caleb Del Rio
Charity performed by Daisy Bilenkin
Eddie performed by Aud Andrews
Felix performed by Mintaka Angell
Gareth/Animatronic Pig performed by Gordon Houston
Hooper performed by Parley Cook
Mr Finch performed by Derrick Hill
Peterson performed by Jonah Knight
Stanton/Daggler performed by Calder Dougherty
Vaughn performed by Damien Nieweswand

David performed by Allen Lewis Rickman
Jura performed by Giorgi Pruidze

Lillian performed by Newton Schottelkotte

Performance of a Guest Role in a Production

Yesi Rego performed by Lizzlie Drizzle

Alioth performed by Cole Burkhardt
Bianca performed by Sena Bryer
Captain Orion performed by Tal Minear
Eraldo performed by David Orión Pena
Hamza performed by Tau Zaman
Iniya performed by Rashika Rao
Khara performed by Sarah Rhea Werner
Neil performed by Samy Souissi
Noeck performed by Trace Callahan
Phoenix performed by Erin Kyan
Seneca performed by Khalila Marie
Tariq performed by Becca Marcus
Yvaine performed by Chijioke Williams

Alwyn performed by Dallas Wheatley
Bembiflexolia performed by Sheldon Brown & Lisette Alvarez
Dennek Dax performed by Jack De Sena
Dibara Sej performed by Helen Hong
Dipodil Bejub performed by Lisette Alvarez
Disma Dax performed by Angel Parker
Drusus Dax performed by Eric Nenninger
Emcee performed by Alex Marshall-Brown
Flernik performed by Nick Smith
Forks performed by Chris Smith
Hoyman Tet performed by Mayanna Berrin
Kirodius performed by Alain Washnevsky
Klutch performed by Dan Prevette
Lamplighter performed by L. Jeffrey Moore
Tenlee Rahl performed by Chris Smith
Two-Check performed by John Omohundro
Variel performed by Alison Hayslip
Zettimer Zaptol performed by Bernardo Cubria

Alexandra performed by Antigoni Spanou
Barb performed by Carly Risenhoover-Peterson
Cassie performed by Mary Snapp
Herb performed by Jacob Anderson
The Magister performed by Jim Brown
Professor Gold performed by Su Ling Chan
Reina Valencia performed by Sarah Rebecca Gaglio

Bernadette Glob performed by Corrbette Pasko
Devorah The Duck performed by Lauren Grace Thompson
Tabitha Glob performed by Maeve Devitt
Tommy Two-Hands performed by Eric Eilersen

Dale Harper performed by Laquin Groves
Evelyn Wesley performed by Regina Renee Russell
Lulu Warren performed by Kristen Dimercurio
Mayor Lopez performed by José Angel Donado
Proprietor performed by Sebastian Orr
Thomas Wesley performed by David S. Dear
Tim performed by Matt Young
Waitress performed by Ele Matelan
Young Lily performed by Symphony Sanders
Erica Alden performed by Nadine Amami
Annie The 7Th Year performed by Lauren Chapman
Antal Bloodbelly, Son Of Frigyes Bloodbelly performed by Damien Crawford
Astrophel, Wizard Of The Stars!!! performed by Tal Minear
Bernadinaton performed by Lilit Penrod
Clatelon The Gilded Wizard Of Bindings, Dean And Arch-Mage Of Winterhold College performed by David Fouhy
Constella The Almost performed by Lex Lewis
Ewjior Hoskins performed by Raven Squire
Flora Bunnyhop performed by Julia Rios
Fredegar Of The Hundred Thousand Tomes performed by Geoffrey Pelton
Greyseer Kraxx performed by Bernard Decko
Hyacinth Howell performed by Davis Walden
Idrobuv The Meek performed by Brad Colbroock
Impervion The Imprecise performed by Nathan Comstock
Margoloth The Blood Artist performed by Bridget Copes
Meregund The Transfigurer performed by Marc Campasano
Minfestina Rivenwobble performed by Aidan Kedzierski
Phuzohr Arrorass, Mage Of The Salty Dunes performed by Ramy Abdelghani
Quartz performed by Josh Michel
Sekhmet Of Neuroses performed by Maya Satin
Sonoria The Siren performed by Saloua Amara
Sore Error performed by Achitha Sanganethy
Tashlynda The Tenacious performed by Hannah Wright
The All Powerful Jeff performed by Robert Mulligan
The Corpse Baron performed by John Serpico
The Unkillable Zortho! performed by Grant
Tim Gizzard, The Lizard Wizard performed by June Isenhart
Tippy Germaine, Sonic Sorcerer performed by Grace Gist
Turpin Muldoon, Seafaring Seer performed by Jared Mason
Viggo The Vävare performed by Stephen Cole
Vizier Mashboo The Formerly Shifty performed by Bibek Gurung
Vladka The Victorious performed by Leslie Gideon
Weakbeard performed by Eric Trageser
Wendla, Friend To The Winge performed by Kayleigh Kane

Performance of a Supporting Role in a new Production

Ash performed by Sue Chan
Brad performed by Victor Ayala
Josh performed by Michael Hobson
Michael performed by Duncan Peat

Al Capone performed by R.S.T Davis
Albert Anselmi performed by Leonardo Santaiti
Angelo performed by Leonardo Santaiti
Benny Feldman performed by Adam Pilver
Berneda performed by Chelsea Suh
Bugs Moran performed by Bill Rogers
Cop performed by Bill Rogers
Court Bailiff performed by Brian Knoebel
Frank Nitti performed by James Mount
George performed by Danny Roberts
Helen, Irene performed by Carolyn Carpenter
Irish Gangster performed by Todd Gadjusek
Joanna performed by Chelsea Suh
John Scalise performed by Tyler Gurciullo
Judge Green performed by Todd Gadjusek
Mabel performed by Gretchen Harris
Man performed by Todd Gadjusek
Newsie performed by Danny Roberts
Photographer performed by Todd Gadjusek
Priest performed by Todd Gadjusek
Prosecutor performed by Leonardo Santaiti
Radio Broadcaster performed by Brian Knoebel
Receptionist performed by Brian Knoebel
Referee performed by Bill Rogers
Reporter performed by Bill Rogers
Reporter performed by Todd Gadjusek
Reporter performed by Tyler Gurciullo
Restaurant Owner performed by Todd Gadjusek
Sgt. Loftus performed by Leonardo Santaiti
Sicilian performed by Tyler Gurciullo
Talent Booker performed by Adam Pilver
Trainer performed by Leonardo Santaiti
Waiter performed by Danny Roberts
William Drury performed by Tyler Gurciullo
Witness performed by Danny Roberts
Young Man performed by Danny Roberts

Abigail Jones performed by Sierra Louis-Gene
Bus Driver performed by Sierra Louis-Gene
Cop performed by Louis Walker
Dennis performed by Rajiv Miller
Derek performed by Sierra Louis-Gene
Eleanor Jones performed by Shiree Nicholas Christopher
Jorge Perrera performed by Timothy Rodgriguez
Julia performed by Sierra Louis-Gene
Katie Chu performed by Jayme Face
Lilah Greene performed by Shiree Nicholas Christopher
Lola Velasquez performed by Steph Marie Alvarez
Mr. Gordon performed by Rajiv Miller
Mr. Velasquez performed by Louis Walker
Porter Egan performed by Louis Walker
Rose Greene performed by Jasmine Brown
Some Guy performed by Rajiv Miller
Some Lady performed by Vera Greentea
Tyrone Jones performed by Julian Thomas

Asema Malik performed by Sena Bryer
Barlow performed by Graham Rowat
Battoh performed by Gary Scales
Captain Stoddard performed by Anthony Ray Morales
Dwarf performed by Matthew Mclean
Dwarf performed by Robert Cudmore
Hannah performed by Sophie Fae
Loverboy performed by Brandon P. Jenkins
Lt. Drakeheel/Captain Sogg performed by Conor Cook
Mara performed by Sarah Doreen Macphee
Nat performed by Sarah Golding
Olivia Temperance performed by Meli Grant
Perseus Lewin performed by Chris Einspahr
Torn performed by Tom Laflin

Computer performed by Richie Ammons
Drone performed by Steph Varens
Esterman performed by Graham Rowat
Magdalena performed by Antoinette Berry-Snowden
Project Doctor performed by Roy Stinson
Propaganda Voice performed by Brandon P. Jenkins
Shereen Gibson performed by Rhiannon Moushall
Usda Worker 1 performed by Janine Bower
Usda Worker 2 performed by Tal Minear
Xenoscientist performed by Mark Whitten
Steve performed by Farrar Hudkins

Harold performed by Jesse Nowack
Heather performed by Leigh Holmes Foster
Jo performed by Jenn Colella
Mel performed by Valerie Rose Lohman
Narrator performed by Harrison White
Rachel performed by Chilina Kennedy

Gatekeeper performed by Danilo Lukovic
Maggie performed by Kristen Dimercurio
Slumber performed by Jason Davids Scott
The Credits performed by Kitt Keller
Timothy performed by James Oliva

Hayward performed by Jimmie Yamaguchi
Mason performed by Jamie Stewart
Paige performed by Lucille Valentine
Sid Wright performed by David S Dear

Lada Rachman performed by Erebusodora
Usher performed by Sandro Berdzenishvili

Performance of a Supporting Role in a Production

Clara performed by Krystal Osborne
Father Klem performed by Josh Rubino
Jenna performed by Alyssa Otoski-Keim
Justice Walters performed by Michael Larkin
Olivia performed by Emily Hulsizer
Shannon performed by Natasia White

Addie performed by Journee Lafond
Ahnung performed by Robin Regalado
Dr. Amal Semaan performed by Shereen Lani Younes
Dr. Day performed by Sarah Rhea Werner
Dr. Just performed by David S. Dear
Dr. Ringling performed by Dallas Wheatley
Dr. Serano performed by Hazel Stapp
Elena performed by Leslie Gideon
Elio performed by Becca Marcus
Enclave Announcer performed by Evan Tess Murray
Enclave Officer performed by D.J. Sylvis
Jaxon performed by Cole Burkhardt
Lark performed by Claudia Elvidge
Medic Meryl Pacey performed by Teddy Hannah-Drullard
Monica Parker performed by Shade Oyemakinwa
Nessa Cheong performed by Elissa Park
Nima performed by Serena Rahhal
Officer Talor Daniels performed by Kristi Boulton
Payload performed by Philomena Sherwood
Reception Bot performed by Robin Howell
Stephen Abdoulaye performed by Corey Spruill
Zhong Jento performed by Naymyo Win

Proxy performed by Sierra Shay

Ant performed by Alex Scott Fairley
Hiroshi performed by Eli Hamada Mcilveen
Jackie Williams performed by Jordan Cobb
Mateo performed by Josh Callahan
Mia Fox performed by Erin King
Oleg performed by Alexander Mercury
Pablo Perez Garcia performed by Federico Trujillo
Basira Hussain performed by Frank Voss
Georgie Barker performed by Sasha Sienna
Melanie King performed by Lydia Nicholas
Agent Blanc performed by Colin Killick
Agent Cullen performed by Antal Spector-Zabusky
Alan Hendrix, Cullen’s Assistant performed by Aidan Valentine
Anders Li performed by Qia Seed
Captain Dunn performed by Brandon Nguyen
Director Moon performed by Lauren Grace Thompson
Elinor Lopez performed by Jackie Andrews
Evelyn Glass performed by Ian Andrews
Father Schafer performed by D.J. Sylvis
George Moreau performed by Tim Briggs
Jordan performed by Ta’Neal Chandler
Josephine Crooks performed by Rin Mojica
Lieutenant Salazar performed by Elissa Park
Lieutenant Steptoe performed by Cat Evans
Mordecai Webber performed by Torian Brackett
Robbie performed by Vinay Nariani
The Computer performed by Cade Leebron

Brian Jeeter performed by Jamie Price
Captain Sana Tripathi performed by Rukhmani Desai
Chris Choi performed by Jin Seon Park
Jackie Andrews performed by RJ Mccabe
Krejjh performed by Brittony Lefever
Chester Warren performed by Pat King
Hazel Gibbons performed by Krista D’Agostino
Marisol Cabrera performed by Amelia Bethel
Norah Tendulkar performed by Anuja Vaidya
Old Man On The Edge Of Town performed by Mark Soloff
Spikes Cabrera performed by Isa Ramos
Admiral Lau performed by Su Ling Chan
Arn Feen Stonin performed by Tianyi Skarrxin
Auden Barrow performed by David Devereux
Captain Park performed by L. Jeffrey Moore
Captain Sarpon performed by David Ault
Commander Graan performed by Lani Minella
Constance Antwi performed by Sam Yeow
Doctor Nyoto Jemisin Mametja performed by Binja Zihhalirwa
Dr. Antwi performed by Jordan Cobb
Dr. Jiang performed by Ewan Chung
Sanon Onroon performed by Daniel Demerin
Sergeant Lawrence performed by A.R. Olivieri

Booker The Book performed by Max Kreisky

Performance of a Leading Role in a new Production

Ag performed by CK Kaur
Aveline performed by Delphine Menu
Selene performed by Junita Thiessen

Jack Mcgurn performed by Leigh Joel Scott
June Francis performed by Sara Montgomery
Louise Rolfe, Lou Rolfe performed by Lisa Kudrow

Daniel Jones performed by LC Witter

Gwendolyn Gainsborough performed by Mamito Kukwikila
Lola performed by Méabh De Brún
Quentin Charthagnion performed by Charlie Wes
Tobias Porte performed by A.J. Beckles

Andrew Moss performed by Ben Counter
Caroline Beckman performed by Erin Evans Walker
Pvt. Quintero performed by Luis Bermudez
Pvt. Sandic performed by Lexi Edwards
Sgt. Brandt performed by Damon Alums
Wo. Poulter performed by Russ More
Erin Bawner performed by Fiona Thraille
Sarl Lendon performed by David Ault

Jamie performed by Ellie Brigida
Sam performed by Jasmin Savoy Brown

Godry performed by Conrad Miszuk

Carpenter performed by Méabh De Brún
Faulkner performed by B. Narr

Avrum Ben Judah performed by Yelena Shmulenson
Rivka performed by Lika Khukhashvili

Performance of a Leading Role in a Production

Father Ben performed by Casey Callaghan

Alexandre Bragado-Fischer performed by Gabriel Taneko
Ashwini Ray performed by Tau Zaman
Michell L’Anglois performed by Cass Mcphee
Moddy Sarah performed by He Casson
Roger Bragado-Fischer performed by Leeman Kessler
Tumnus performed by Jen Ponton
Wilder performed by Tina Daniels

Feston Pyxis performed by Ian Mcquown
Serena The Sapphire Blade performed by Sammi Lappin

Alvina performed by Julia C. Thorne
Amelia performed by Julia Morizawa
The Interviewer performed by Alan Burgon
Jonathan Sims (The Archivist) performed by Jonathan Sims
Martin K Blackwood performed by Alexander J Newall
Jane Gonzalez performed by Molly Olguín
Sophie Green performed by Jackie Hedeman

Arkady Patel performed by Ishani Kanetkar
Violet Liu performed by Cindy Chu
Lily Harper performed by Clarisa Cherie Rios
Dot Harper performed by Marsha Harman
Wes performed by Michael Turrentine
Abbie Douglas performed by Kat Hoil
Rudy Peltham performed by Joshua K Harris
Ally performed by Tanja Milojevic
Dr. Nolira Eck performed by Siobhan Lumsden

Chemistro The Match Mage performed by Max Kreisky
Smoochulon The Smug performed by Josh Rubino

Guest Player in a Production

Dr. Zafrey Elektra (Dr. Ze) played by Daniel “Dan” Matthews

Jolly Jack played by Patrick Rothfuss

Steven The Goat played by James Schwarz
The Oracle played by Gary Furlong

Miranda Lean played by Persephone Valentine
Professor Relvan Dirmar played by Bee Zelda

The Grand Shandy played by Wythe Marschall

Michelle Perry played by Mictena
Theo played by Dillon Irish

Eddie Adinoe played by Malcolm

Athorin played by Josh Perault
Aulus played by Travis Vengroff
Balance’S Spectre played by Pi
Barakus played by Ian Grover
Batman played by Sam Miller
Calinmourn played by Rethix
Clack played by Josh Perault
Daechin played by David Ault
Dammaz Bloodhorn played by Thirsty
Darkpit played by Russ More
Dermaud played by Loren Peterson
Elias Payne played by Drew Tillman
Ella played by Russ Wilde
Emmil Scott played by Jay Shurey
Githa played by Sarah Golding
Hugbug, The Bugbear played by Ned Donovan
Kels played by Tanja Milojevik
Lirrel played by Tanja Milojevik
Lizbet played by Kessi Riliniki
Noth Of The Silent Clan played by Travis Vengroff
Onorino played by Travis Vengroff
Pintor Dath’Rodir played by Bucky Masters
Preth’Nian played by Bucky Masters
Pulled Pork Pete played by Drew Tillman
Soren Arkwright played by Peter Lewis
Thistle The Horse played by Drew Tillman
Titus played by Grimvoodoo
Voren The Treefrightener played by Sean Howard
Wurunwa played by Karim Kronfli
Zelphar Dath’Rodir played by Drew Tillman

Player in a new Production

Ben Hanscom played by Arthur Vale
Beverly Marsh played by Addison Peacock
Bill Denbrough played by Alex Flanigan
Eddie Kaspbrak played by Val Petrone
Mike Hanlon played by JV Hampton-Vansant
Pennywise played by Addison Peacock
Pennywise played by Alex Flanigan
Pennywise played by Arthur Vale
Pennywise played by JV Hampton-Vansant
Pennywise played by MJ
Pennywise played by Tim Woerner
Pennywise played by Val Petrone
Richie Tozier played by Tim Woerner
Stan Uris played by MJ
Cassidy Shard played by Sydney Whittington
Emma Blackwood played by Cameron Robertson
Pallie Fisher played by Rhi
Wyatt Fisher played by Drew Mierzejewski
Zee-O played by Aly Grauer

Baya Rustin played by Tisha
Ovyck played by Chris Johnson
Vartan played by Adam Culbertson

Andy Randolph played by June Trehearne
Anna Collins played by Beck Toohey
Matthew Majchrzak played by Flint O’Hare
Soren Alf Correia played by Cascius Montgomery

Ashton played by Chris Quinby
Cassandra played by Celeste Casian
Dain played by Clyde Mantos
Tempest played by Daisy Mcnamara

Angel played by Summer Matthews
Codie played by Katy Morgan
Isa-Ali played by Adam-Ali
Mel played by Margaret Krohn
Rowan played by Kienna Shaw
Annie Lee played by Lauren Erwin

Alexander The Great played by Nicholas Benetatos
Anastasia Pantazis played by Amanda Facosta
Arete Laskaris played by Michael Pisani
Rolf Yannick played by Giancarlo Herrera
Narcissa played by Zac Kreitler
Paz played by Nick Thunder
Sunny played by Madison Rogers

Dakota Wallace played by Marcie
Dorothy Reed played by Hilda
Walter Brookstone played by Gus Knobbe

Captain Mitchel Crick played by Ell Folan
Dr. Faraday Zenith-Lewis played by Leonie Selby-Evans
Karel played by Duncan Clacher
Lore’La Wide Wanderer played by Jess Thomas
Schlurp played by Shona Clacher

Player in a Production

Gable played by Liz Anderson
Jonnit Kessler played by Tyler Davis
Orimar Vale played by Nathan Blades
Travis Matagot played by Johnny O’Mara

Balmur played by Jeff Goldblum
Father Sindri Westpike played by Eyþór Viðarsson
Flygia Of Zarketh played by Kessi Riliniki
Gaelle Vogelberg played by Holly Billinghurst
Glom Vogelberg played by Sean Howard
Iaus Innskeep played by David Ault
Ildrex Mystan played by Russ D. More
Rowena Granitepike played by Hem Cleveland
Sister Tsavorite Cavernsfall played by Kaitlin Statz
Soren Arkwright played by Peter Joseph Lewis

Eriato Bati played by Luna San Nicolas
Royari San Sarnax played by Dave Pratt
Volio Via played by Ritz Summy

Eriato Bati played by Luna San Nicolas
Royari San Sarnax played by Dave Pratt
Volio Via played by Ritz Summy

Azu played by Helen Gould
Cel Sidebottom played by Lydia Nicholas
Grizzop played by Ben Meredith
Hamid Saleh Haroun Al-Tahan played by Bryn Monroe
Zolf Smith played by Ben Meredith
Cici Whitwick played by Aaron Catano-Saez
June Hymnal played by Aly Grauer
Kiran Rao played by Paulomi Pratap

David 7 played by Ben Meredith
Harto Plitz played by Jennifer Haufek
I.M.O.G.E.N played by Imogen Harris
Trexel Geistman played by Tim Meredith
Adora ‘Beau’ Smith played by Marie-Claire Gould
Experiment 742 played by Paige Fossheim
George ‘The Purple Haze’ Grady played by Allison Fernandes
Solarion played by Aaron Infusino
Terry ‘The Chase’ Chase played by Chelsea Friessen

Jake The Divine played by Jake Pierle
Megan The Spooky played by Megan Yellow Boy
Tass The Chosen played by Tass Allgood

Bolka Folgritson played by Zac Kreitler
Marge Gunderson played by Amanda Kreitler
Valdeen played by David Miller
Vasilisa Morozova played by Elizabeth Wilcox

Storyteller of a new Production

William A. Wellman

Matthew OK Smith

Calum Bannerman

Mara Wilson
Aaron Clark
Angelique Lazarus
Caroline Holmes
Caroline Mincks
Daniel Cook
Danyelle Ellett
Diane Alexander
Fiona Mackinnon
Fiona Thraille
Isabel Lee
Karim Kronfli
Sarah Golding
Tal Minear
Tina Daniels

Madi Tozier

Cole Weavers

Storyteller of a Production

Tal Minear

Sergeant Sunflower

Nicole Knudsen

Justin Hellstrom


Music Direction for a new Production

Music Directed by Junita Thiessen

Music Directed by Katharine Seaton

Music Directed by Mick Loro and Christopher Tolomeo

Music Directed by William A. Wellman

Music Directed by Don Priess, Susie Singer Carter and Scott Martin

Music Directed by Tim Krause

Music Directed by Karim Douaidy
Music Directed by Trace Callahan, Anna Rodriguez, Ali Hylton, Anthony Carlos Fuller II, and Tal Minear

Music Directed by James McGee

Music Directed by Charlie PS

Music Direction for a Production

Music Directed by Steve Shell

Music Directed by Mischa Stanton and Ketsa

Music Directed by Samuel DF Jones
Music Directed by Fredrik Baden
Music Directed by Samuel DF Jones
Music Directed by Brock Winstead
Music Directed by Chris McClure
Music Directed by Chiron Star, Jessica Best
Music Directed by Travis Vengroff, Brandon Boone, and Steven Melin

Music Directed by Travis Vengroff

Original Compositions for a new Production

Original Compositions for a Production

New Improvised Production

A Horror Borealis presents LOSERS: A Love Story
A Knight of Shreds and Patches

Ethereal Embrace

Good Neighbors

Missing Annie Lee

Realms of Peril & Glory
Severed Fate: A Dimension Door Podcast

Tales Yet Told

The Junket Podcast

Improvised Production

Dark Dice

Dice Will Roll

Misfits of Space: Night Witches

Rusty Quill Gaming
Skyjacks: Courier’s Call

Stellar Firma
Sword of Symphonies

The Dimension Door Podcast

The Lucky Die

New Story-based Production

Colapesce: An Audio Adventure

Hello From The Hallowoods


Stan Lee’s Alliances: A New Reality
Stories from the Hearth

The Pet
The Quaralogues

The Realm Tree

The Town Whispers
Wandering with the Dead

Story-based Production

Armageddon: Black Dawn

Audio Experiments

Old Gods of Appalachia

The Chronicles of Professor Chronomier

The Funny Flower Hour

The Godfrey Audio Guide

The Great Chameleon War
The Milkman of St. Gaff’s

New Audio Play Production

Blood Rage Mode



I Love Lucifer the Podcast


See You In Your Nightmares
Someone Dies in this Elevator


The Petrol Station

The White Vault: Avrum

Audio Play Production

Forgive Me!

Moonbase Theta, Out


The Amelia Project
The Call of the Void

The Magnus Archives
The Strange Case of Starship Iris
The White Vault

Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery
VAST Horizon


Player Direction of a new Production

Directed by Nick Robertson

Directed by Leland Hall

Directed by Dana Creasman

Directed by Lauren Erwin and Summer Matthews

Directed by Zachary Fortais-Gomm and James Barbarossa
Directed by Tau Zaman
Directed by Amanda Kreitler

Directed by Kendrick Smith

Directed by Paige Selby-Evans

Player Direction of a Production

Directed by DM, Dick Dynamite.

Directed by James D’Amato

Directed by Travis Vengroff

Directed by Jo Fallak

Directed by Derry Luttrell

Directed by Alex Perry
Directed by Alexander J. Newall
Directed by Drew Mierzejewski

Directed by Tim Meredith
Directed by Rev Deschain

Vocal Direction of a new Production

Directed by Dave Ebersole

Directed by Nikko Goldstein, Cole Burkhardt, Ishani Kanetkar, Danyelle Ellett, Tal Minear, Anne Baird, Sivan Raz, Karin Heimdahl, Nathan Comstock, Gavin Gaddis, AR Olivieri, Andrea Klassan, Newt Schottelkotte, and Katie Youmans

Directed by Susie Singer Carter, Don Priess, and Robert Beaucage

Directed by Tim Krause

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Directed by Jeff Harlow and Andrew Nowak

Directed by Jon Ware and Muna Hussen

Directed by Travis Vengroff

Vocal Direction of a Production

Directed by Sara Ghaleb
Directed by Bob Raymonda, Jack Marone, and Christie Donato

Directed by John S. Badger

Directed by D.J. Sylvis

Directed by Philip Thorne and Oystein Brager
Directed by Alexander J Newall
Directed by Rachel Kellum and Jeffrey Nils Gardner
Directed by Travis Vengroff

Directed by Jeffrey Nils Gardner
Directed by Katie Youmans and Anne Baird

Sound Design

Action Sound Design for a new Production

Sound Design by Laura Reicher

Sound Design by Olanrewaju Odutayo, Tal Minear, Hedley Knights, Aemyn Connolly and Austin Cruzen

Sound Design by William A. Wellman

Sound Design by Courtney Archerd

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Action Sound Design for a Production

Sound Design by Will Gianetta

Sound Design by Steve Shell

Sound Design by Mischa Stanton

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Sound Design by Hannah Cross and Erin Baumann
Sound Design by Travis Vengroff

Sound Design by Eli Hamada McIlveen, Ryan Schile, Alexander Danner, Sarah D. Espinoza and Jeffrey Nils Gardner
Sound Design by Travis Vengroff and Dayn Leonardson

Environment Sound Design for a new Production

Sound Design by Laura Reicher

Sound Design by Olanrewaju Odutayo, Tal Minear, Hedley Knights, Aemyn Connolly and Austin Cruzen

Sound Design by William A. Wellman

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Sound Design by Tyler Anderson and Rae Lundberg

Sound Design by Annis McGee

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Sound Design by Alex Kingsley

Sound Design by Travis Vengroff and Dayn Leonardson

Environment Sound Design for a Production

Sound Design by Will Gianetta

Sound Design by Steve Shell

Sound Design by Mischa Stanton

Sound Design by Jeffery Nils Gardner
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Sound Design by Hannah Cross and Erin Baumann
Sound Design by Travis Vengroff

Sound Design by Eli Hamada McIlveen, Ryan Schile, Alexander Danner, Sarah D. Espinoza and Jeffrey Nils Gardner
Sound Design by Travis Vengroff and Dayn Leonardson


Cover Art for a new Production

Cover Art by Steve Aparicio

Cover Art by Vinnie Rico

Cover Art by William A. Wellman

Cover Art by Tim Krause

Cover Art by Emily Grigg

Cover Art by Tal Minear

Cover Art by Teddy Ray

Cover Art by James Harringman

Cover Art by Mikaela Buckley
Cover Art by Caitlin Hoilman

Cover Art for a Production

Cover Art by Sam Twardy

Cover Art by Gabrielle Buxman

Cover Art by Steve Shell and Cam Collins

Cover Art by Anika Khan
Cover Art by Anders Pedersen
Cover Art by Anika Khan
Cover Art by Kessi Riliniki

Cover Art by Dan Streeting
Cover Art by Wil Williams
Cover Art by Kessi Riliniki and Kaitlin Statz


Writing of a new Production

Writing by Anne C , Rae F
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Writing of a Production

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Writing by K.A. Statz