2020 Audio Fiction Community Insights!

We asked some extra questions on our finalist voting form, and we’d like to share what we learned!

Check it out!

We are proud of how international the awards are!

We’re really sorry we can’t easily describe this map of where our voters were located to those who use screen readers. There are dots all over the world, and the darker the dot, the more ballots we received from that area. Some of you may be able to find yourself on that map.

65.74% of our ballots were from the United States.
11.35% from the United Kingdom.
6.47% of the voters were in Canada.
3.09% came from Australia.
1.61% were located in Singapore.
1.55% resided in Germany.

The remaining 10.19% of ballots came, in descending percentage order, from Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, Iceland, Russian Federation, Spain, Norway, France, India, Philippines, Mexico, Finland, Israel, Denmark, Argentina, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Japan, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland, Greece, Chile, Czech Republic, Portugal, Latvia, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Indonesia, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Ecuador, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Serbia, Republic of Korea, Colombia, Malaysia, Lithuania, El Salvador, Honduras, Europe, Faroe Islands, Algeria, Jersey, Venezuela, Slovenia, Trinidad and Tobago, Jordan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Sri Lanka, Malta, Pakistan, Vietnam, Palestinian Territory, and Peru!

Your average age was 28

40% were 25 to 34.
25%  were 18 to 24.
18%  were 35 to 44.
7%  were 45 to 54.
5%  were 13 to 17.
4%  were 55 to 64.
2% were  65 to 74
16 voters were 75 or older!

Over half of you enjoy four or more Fiction Podcasts a week

While 10% only enjoy one weekly, 15% have time for two, and the majority 20%, listen to three. However, the remaining 54% listen to four or more – 16% enjoy ten or more, on a weekly basis. The average voter in this past round enjoys seven podcasts a week – one for each day.

Discord has become the place to find Audio Fiction

69% of you are in an Audio Fiction Discord! Thank your moderators. 32% are in a Facebook Group, 30% are on subreddits, 27% get emails like our newsletter, while forums are last with 10%.

We’re a little nervous as these pockets of the audio fiction community can be insular, and some of us remember the state of the community before 2012. We hope that even in the groups for a specific production, show, or production company, you encourage the celebration of all Audio Fiction, regardless of genre or style.

Your favorite genres are… surprising

Coming in first we have Fantasy with two-thirds of voters marking it as their favorite. Horror was 1% more favorited than Comedy, but each had over half of the respondents. Drama and Crime/Mystery Productions each had a third who love their content and tropes. Speculative is kind of a catch-all category, but it did 2% better than Science Fiction.

We’re impressed at how loved Fantasy is without a category for it on Apple Podcasts.

Lastly, you told us if we had accomplished the reason why we do this, every year for the past eight years

Did you find a new podcast you now enjoy thanks to the awards?

74% of you said yes.

That means the world to us.