Welcome to the 2022 Audio Verse Awards nomination form!

Productions are nominated for all episodes that released between October 1st, 2021, and September 30, 2022.

  • It must be a fictional story. No news/current events, conversations/interviews, or behind-the-scenes content is eligible.
  • The Production must be exclusively in an audio format. If there is a connected prose story (ie, an audiobook), or available to watch as a video, it is not eligible.
  • It must be discoverable via RSS feed or an open platform such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. No direct links (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox)
  • It must have performance elements – that is, where words are brought to life. No straight reads of prose or words.
  • It must have a production design that gives dimension.
  • All elements must be in the public domain or have the rights secured for presentation via direct license, creative commons, or other agreement or policy of the rights holder.
  • The fee to nominate a production for all categories it is eligible for is $25.00 USD. We hope this is reasonable for indie productions, compared to the $125-$400 per category we see in our peers.

We have created an open sponsorship process with the hope that smaller productions will still find themselves able to participate. This form will allow you to nominate your production, ask to be sponsored, or sponsor a production.

This form will also allow you to submit an intro and an episode or sample to Our Nominee Showcase. Every year our Nominee Showcase Podcast allows voters to familiarize themselves with the nominees in a fast and convenient way, by asking production to give us a sample of what their full production is like. Including your production in the Showcase Podcast is not a requirement for eligibility. Rather, we would like to provide this as a service to all other eligible productions to ensure fair voting as much as possible.

We do need one thing from you before you start if you are submitting your podcast to the nominee showcase. A brief intro, no more than 3 Minutes, recorded by you or someone on your production, that uses the following template:

  • This is (Name), (Position) on (Show), which is about (Short description of the show). (If applicable:) This is Episode (Name/Number/Ect.), (Any information you feel the audience needs to experience the content better.) Thank you for listening.”

If your show is recorded in a language other than English, you are welcome to record separate intros in your language and in English.

Please remember to check the list of nominees before making your nominations, as nominating a production that is already on the list does not increase its chances of winning or advance it any further from that point.

Finally, you will receive an email confirming we received your submission . If you have any questions, feel free to give us a holler.

Nominations are open through Thursday, September 30th at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Thanks, and good luck to everyone!

(The automation for this to happen is more involved than in previous years as we design it, which is why we’ll be opening Nominations officially on September 7th. We may soft-open the form to test it, if eagle-eyed participants notice that, we will honor complete nominations.)